What recruiters want from their Rec2Rec

It’s the golden question, the answer to which can make your (and our job all the easier) What is it recruiters really want when working with a Rec2Rec on their own career move?

Let’s start with another question; ‘why do recruiters need a Rec2Rec in the first place?’ Surely recruiters can find recruitment jobs of their own? Yes, it does sound funny when you say it out loud but truth be told when you’re dealing with something as important (and potentially stressful) as changing job, leaving it in the capable, expert hands is the best way to go… Why wouldn’t you use a Rec2Rec?

Rec2Rec’s know (they live and breathe) their market, know the best (sometimes not top ranked on Google or Glassdoor) businesses and have long-standing relationships with the key hiring bods within them. Something you just can’t underestimate the importance of and something you sure as hell can’t replicate yourself. Your chosen Rec2Rec will usually have met, engaged with and have a good relationship with the business you desire, meaning they not only know exactly what that hiring manager looks for (and doesn’t want) but also knows all the little tips, advice and nitty gritty when it comes down to their interview process, again something you are unlikely to be privy to yourself. Put it this way, if you found your dream home would you expect to go knock on the door and offer to buy it or do you think using an established estate agent, chosen by the vendor themselves might be a better way to go?

So, now we’ve established the why, let’s get back to the ‘what recruiters want?’

Expert knowledge; as we’ve already touched on, who’s better to help you land your dream job than someone with a solid, longstanding relationship with the business you’ve been coveting? We pledge to only represent businesses and companies that we would want to work for ourselves, meaning you get honest, realistic insight into the place. We don’t do sugar-coating and we won’t ‘sell’ you the dream, what’s the point? Our clients come to us because they trust our judgement to find them the right people for their business (you), they take the time to set out their requirements, the experience needed for the roles available and also the process they use to determine who they eventually hire. This accompanied with our understanding and background (and inside) knowledge of the business, its journey and its future plans mean we can set you up to have a really strong interview. Thinking of going it alone? Armed with Google and LinkedIn you may find some facts, figures and information on the company ‘about us’ page, but will this really set you above the rest? Don’t forget you’re unlikely to be the only candidate, and knowledge is power after-all.

Knowing the market; Along with insider knowledge comes knowledge of the market as a whole. Yes, you’re in recruitment and whilst you will have the expert knowledge yourself of your current business and perhaps its competitors, the industry is a big place and that’s where your Rec2Rec comes in. Not only do we know the big businesses (that everyone’s usually heard of) but we also have great relationships with the best, bright start-ups and the fantastic boutique-businesses out there. These places are some of our favourites to recruit for as they have strong team values and they’re usually started by passionate people who’ve worked their way up in the industry and want to ‘do things differently’ or ‘do it better’, meaning you get all the benefits that can bring. We generally have fantastic relationships with these lesser-heard-of brands, the cultures are friendlier and less corporate (our kind of people). They’re usually built around an ethos of team recognition, promotion from within and rewards for a job well done. This all stands you in great stead to earn, be rewarded for your hard work and basically get paid well to do a job you love.

Someone to hold your hand; Interviews are scary, fact! Fear of the unknown, scared of looking stupid or saying the wrong thing… what if they suddenly spring something unexpected on you in the interview? What if your mind goes blank and you crumble? What if it all goes ok but you’re not sure how to start the discussion around pay, holidays and the fact you’ll be commuting and the train times means you may need flexibility on? Overwhelming, isn’t it? That’s where a Rec2Rec is worth their weight in gold. We already have that priceless, open relationship, we have insight into the general set-up of the interview process, who will be there and the things they ask and expect to see from you. We know the pay structure so we can prepare you to an extent of what to expect and we know the benefits packages, commission structures and holiday pay, so no awkward questions there either; in fact, if anything, we can ask the awkward questions first. In short, we prep you for all the good, bad and ugly truths and then we support you through the process to make it all that little bit less scary.

Someone to have your back; While you may be used to a sales environment and the thrill of closing the deal is what keeps you motivated, it can be a whole different ball game when representing yourself come decision time. Your Rec2Rec has known these people a long time, knows the business and where you’d fit and knows what the client loves and hates. So your interview went well, but the client has some reservations? Maybe your experience isn’t quite as long as they’d like? Maybe you wobbled on a tough question or two or got muddled when talking through your billings? Your Rec2rec is your objection-handling ninja. They’re well versed in this and any good Rec2Rec will already have a mental list of objections they envisaged and are prepared for well before the interview. This is where your Rec2Rec earns their keep, they work their little socks off to sell you into the business you want. They put the client at ease and use all their knowledge of you and your background to assure them that with their support you will not only fit right in but flourish and go on the smash it. This saves you from any uncomfortable conversations and also gives you an impartial view on how you interview and come across; priceless feedback if you’re interviewing with more than one business.

Someone to sound-check your decision making; So, you landed the job, the hard part is over but now what? You’ll usually interview with more than one business and if you’re as good as we’d like to think you are you’ll probably get more than one offer. All sounds great, doesn’t it, but how do you know which one to go for? The temptation will usually be to look at the money first. Who’s offering the biggest bonus and the company car allowance scheme? While it’s easy to get blinded by the bling, your Rec2Rec will look at the bigger picture. We can offer you impartial advice and will look at it from a different angle so you can make an informed decision you won’t regret in future months. Now, you might be thinking, ‘well, I’m in recruitment so I’m more than capable of choosing my own job’ but have you really thought about all the different packages, commission structures, training and development programmes and so on that any-one business might throw at you, let alone several? Then there’s the direction that business is going, its expansion and future plans… where will you fit in to all this? Indeed, do you even know all the detail? Again, this is where we are at your side, guiding you (always impartially) to do what’s best for you, after all, it’s your career and you’re serious about your career, aren’t you?

So, now you know how a Rec2Rec could make all the difference (and remove the stress) with your career move, why not put us to the test? We’re here to help when you need us most, and that’s another benefit in itself. Worried about a pending interview and need a last minute pep-talk? Call us. Sat Nav on the blink and can’t find the building? We’ve helped with that too. There’s a reason your mum taught you ‘two heads are better than one’ you know.