Top tips on why setting goals beats New Year's resolutions


Tony Robbins once said;

‘If you’re only reviewing your resolutions once a year on New Year’s Eve then you’re not doing it right’.

Here at Ashley James Consulting, we couldn’t agree more so we’re bringing you our top tips on how to set goals rather than the cliché resolutions we all break.

Ever had that depressing realisation come that 3rd Monday in January that you’ve fallen into that statistic of having broken most of your resolutions already? Us too, in fact, some might say resolutions only exist to make us feel like utter failures come February. There’s the customary dieting, dry Jan and gym joining we all get a rush of excitement for. We buy new trainers and gym gear in the hope it will do half the hard work for us but the truth is a couple of weeks down the line (and you know as well as I do) those pesky bad habits (not to mention excuses) come rearing their ugly heads to knock us off track.

So, we’ve shared our top tips on how to make goals NOT resolutions. How to stay on track for the year and how to feel like one of life’s winners come New Year’s Eve 2018… AND it’s much simpler than you’re thinking (you just have to want it).

Our first top tip is to establish what gets you going (not in that way, dirty)? What stokes your fire, motivates you and gets you buzzing?

It could be your hobby, a sport, music or crafting. Maybe it’s going out socialising, charity work or travel perhaps? Whatever it is, build on it. What is it about that? Is it the buzz of winning, the satisfaction of seeing something you made / completed or admired by others? Is it getting to know people or experiencing new things and seeing new places? All this can translate across to other aspects of your life so easily once you’ve simply established these key triggers.

Secondly, make a list. Again, super simple but write down everything you were dissatisfied with last year and in your life in general BUT importantly, also list next to it all the things that are going well for you, things that you’re grateful for, it costs nothing to be grateful. Also include things that you’re proud of and your achievements in the last year (no matter how big or small).

Now you have your simple lists it’s just a case of looking at how you can improve on what you have. What’s good? What can you change? What is missing? Now, how can you improve? It’s not all about focusing on the negatives, it’s about growth and improving from good to great. That relationship you have; how can it be better? That job you hate; what simple steps can you take to change it? It doesn’t have to be extreme but it has to improve and push you.

This is where our next top tip comes into play, writing it all down. Now I’m not advocating keeping a diary, we all know how that one goes. But a simple notebook, bullet points or a journal will help you see your goals clearly.

Visualisation is such a huge but simple key to achieving your goals. If you can simply write them down even on a post-it on your desk or fridge, it will not only keep you on track and stop you forgetting but more importantly the very act of writing it down can work as a fantastic form of mental commitment to yourself that this is what you want to achieve and that you CAN and WILL achieve it. Simple bullet points can help keep it simple. Make your goals realistic but stretch yourself, people are at their best when they’re challenged and living outside their comfort zones. Small changes that you make and keep will feel like huge wins come NYE 2018 as opposed to unrealistic resolutions that you inevitably fail to maintain.

Our final tip is to go back over your goals for the year and ask yourself WHY you want them? What makes that a goal? Is it money? Is it success? Keeping up with the Jones’s or out-doing the next person? Be honest with yourself then ask yourself now if you still want it. If you do then go get it.

Right, so now what? You finish this blog, think ‘that was good’ get side-tracked and crack on with something else? You think ‘that all sounds great’ and then wait for it to happen and moan if (when) it doesn’t? or (and as proven most likely, you make tonnes of excuses as you’ve probably already been doing? So, here’s the key, ask yourself now, ‘are these genuine excuses why I can’t achieve my goals OR am I just shitting myself in case I fail… It’s most likely the later. If that’s the case, fear not, you have your plan and the seeds are already sown, we’re here to take the stress out of the rest so if it’s your recruitment job that sucks (or lack of one) then all’s you need to do is pick up the phone, simples.

Here’s to 2018 and the next NYE, you’re going to have a great one.