Internal Recruiter: The Poisoned Chalice?

Internal Recruiter for a recruitment/sales business. Arguably the world’s most rewarding yet painful job ever…   ‘The poisoned chalice!’ And here’s why…

  1. When you find and hire someone awesome your hiring manager will take all the credit.
  2. When you find someone who could be awesome but turns out shit, it’s always your fault.
  3. When you find someone who has the potential to be awesome and turns out awesome, your hiring manager/trainer takes all the credit.
  4. When someone awesome joins another company instead of yours you’ll wish you’d have been able to place them in that job.
  5. Imagine pitching the same company, every day, over and over. It gets repetitive. Trust me.
  6. Your hiring managers are in the same building as you. Great, but what if you can’t face difficult conversations now, ghosting and dodging client phone calls. How’s that gonna work when they rock up at your desk?

The plus side, it maketh the man/woman! Oh and you get to recruit recruiters every day!

*Crowd cheers* *Drops mic, exits stage left*